Welcome To PETEX

It is with great pleasure that I can welcome you on behalf of the PESGB and the organising and technical committees to this year’s PETEX conference and what promises to be an exciting three days.

There is no doubt that the last two years since the previous conference have been challenging, but with challenge also comes opportunity and in these difficult times, it is quite remarkable what individuals and companies have done to help make PETEX a success. They have stepped up and worked hard to bring together a tremendous technical program of talks, events and exhibits. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts, whether they have been involved in a small way or have played a major role – Thank you.

What brought me into this industry was the innovation, technical challenges, excitement and endless possibilities. I have seen multiple boom and bust cycles, but this time we have to collectively learn to do things differently. If we stop innovating then our industry will go the way of many others. PETEX is all about finding out about recent technical achievements and advancements, recapturing the excitement, finding new ideas to test, discover new tools, techniques and data. Importantly, it is also about supporting people’s career development and sharing the possibilities of new things that the sheer scale and global nature of our industry provides.
We have kept true to the original guiding principles of providing the opportunity to meet, network and show products and services. PETEX is not just a conference and exhibition. It is a community for oil and gas professionals to take time out, to think, challenge, discuss, share, learn – and participate.
Please make the best of this opportunity, enjoy the event, be inspired and enjoy each other’s company. I look forward to meeting many of you.
Richard Fox,
PETEX 2016 Director