Doing Business at PETEX

Whether it’s initiating business discussions or negotiating a major deal, PETEX aims to help with all aspects of business development.


PETEX 2016 was rated 8.4 /10 for Socialising and Networking Opportunities, reflecting its high quality audience. PETEX 2016 was attended by 700 + Decision makers (EM, VP or above).

This year we are helping you further by:

  • Numerous networking opportunities, including networking receptions and evening excursions

  • Making meeting rooms available on site

  • QR code-based networking available, so you can store contacts digitally

  • Targeting our marketing to reach the finance industry, bringing in investors from independent finance houses, investment banking firms, and financial services companies.



 ‘Very useful place for a wide variety of people, who support our industry to come together’ – PETEX 2016 Attendee



‘Good opportunity to meet clients’ – PETEX 2016 Attendee



‘Great place to network’ – PETEX 2016 Attendee

Key Companies you can network with have previously included: