The Making Of A Petex Timetable – Behind The Scenes

Since we’ve now launched the PETEX timetable, we thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look at how a conference programme is put together. 

It all begins with a group of people bought together by our Technical Chair Mike Branston, for their joint interest in technical excellence & their expertise in their respective fields. (You can find out more about our amazing technical committee here). This group then agrees on the ‘Call For Papers’, a request to the wider network to tell us what they’re working on and what

case studies they’re able to present.

Once submissions are closed our technical committee review the papers deciding which ones they want in the programme and (critically) which ones go together into a theme before the all-important timetabling meeting. 10 Passionate people get together with their own vision of a timetable; ensuing heated debate & difficult decisions throughout the usually all-day meeting sees 200+ abstracts cut, shaped and organised into a timetable of the highest quality research.



huddled around A0 copies of empty timetables putting their favorite presentations into slots using post it notes.


The Monster three-day timetable is then formatted into the beautiful PETEX branding by the PETEX team with the help of Jay, our resident expert with InDesign. Speakers are notified, and any subsequent last-minute updates processed, before the final product can be published!

And this, friends, is why your timetable comes out so much later than the call for papers ending!  But I hope this also reflects the care and attention that is put into the timetable, drawing on the passion of industry specialists, focussing on the most important developments and case studies in the industry right now.

Why come to PETEX?  Well, you’ve got one more reason now!