Spotlight Speaker: Tony Younis, Impact Oil & Gas

Spotlight Speaker: Tony Younis, Impact Oil & Gas

This week we are speaking to Tony Younis, who is speaking in Hall 2 on Wednesday at PETEX regarding Gabon’s ‘Wild West Frontier’ Promises a Golden Age of Discovery for the Deep-Offshore. We spoke to Tony about his presentation, why Impact Oil and Gas’ are exploring Gabon and what audiences can expect at PETEX.

The SW-African Atlantic Margin is a hive of activity this year, what is the main attraction of exploration offshore Gabon?

At Impact, we believe that Gabon’s relatively un-explored ultra-deep offshore has the potential to contain some of the largest undrilled prospects along the West African margin. Recent 3D seismic has radically transformed our understanding of the continental-ocean transition and out of that a new oil play has been identified by merging two established plays together. Located beyond the western edge of the pre-salt basin, the oil mature Albo-Turonian source rock interval is juxtaposed against pre-salt reservoirs and structures. This source rock is simply the northward continuation of the same prolific oil kitchen that has charged the numerous oil discoveries in Angola and further afield along the Brazilian conjugate.

Why do Impact focus on the Africa Offshore Atlantic Margin?

We have developed a niche brand as deep-water African explorers because this is where we see the next wave of giant oil discoveries are going to be found. Thanks to advancements in drilling technology and ever improving seismic data quality, our knowledge of the distal continental margin suggests we are on the cusp of an exciting new era for exploration. The technical learnings from some of our deep-water acreage have demonstrated the potential for significant materiality in areas that have traditionally been written off as ‘unprospective’. Impact’s inquisitive nature, complimented with a commitment to technical excellence, is an approach that continues to drive our strategy going forward, as we look for new potential to grow our portfolio.

What opportunities can the audience expect to hear about at PETEX 2018?

After several difficult years for exploration within our industry, I anticipate new play concepts to start emerging, ones that will bringing new opportunities to the table. I believe this will be driven by the need to ‘catch-up’ for the time we lost during the downturn. PETEX 2018 promises to bring to light not only new exploration ideas and opportunities, but also the latest technological advances that typically act as the catalyst for uncovering such new plays.

Join Tony, the PETEX team and the hundreds of others already registered to attend PETEX 2018 at Olympia London on 27th – 29 November. Please here to register for PETEX 2018