Spotlight Speaker: Tim Bailey, Azinor Catalyst

Spotlight Speaker: Tim Bailey, Azinor Catalyst

With over 9 weeks to go until PETEX 2018, it’s time to begin introducing some of the speakers on the Oral Timetable.

First up is Tim Bailey from Azinor Catalyst, whom is speaking in the main auditorium on Wednesday at PETEX regarding Exploring to New Depths: Evaluating Reservoir Quality for a Deep Triassic Play in the South Viking Graben Using a Rock Physics Driven Inversion. We spoke to Tim about his presentation and why Azinor Catalyst always attend PETEX.

Who are Azinor Catalyst and why explore in the UKCS?

Azinor Catalyst is one of the UK’s leading independent oil & gas companies, utilizing sub-surface expertise and technical innovation to drive value across the full E&P life cycle. Since 2014, we have been building a material portfolio of high value assets on the UK Continental Shelf. The UKCS has excellent potential – significant remaining reserves in what is now a very fiscally stable basin.

What Rock Physics driven inversion techniques can we expect to hear about at PETEX?

My presentation is demonstrating how even deep plays can be evaluated by linking rock physics models with the seismic. At Azinor Catalyst we have drawn on many areas of domain expertise to get a robust view of the geological model, and gathered data to support the link between petrophysics, rock physics, and then on to the seismic. From seismic to petrophysics!

What do you hope to get from PETEX 2018?

As well as the quality talks and poster displays it’s great to get together with old friends and colleagues to catch up on old times. Hopefully this year I’ll see a few people back who may have been out of the industry for a while.

Join Tim, the PETEX team and the hundreds of others already registered to attend PETEX 2018 at Olympia London on 27th – 29 November. Please here to register for PETEX 2018