Shearwater GeoServices: Revealing possibilities as a new global provider of powerful geophysical marine seismic acquisition, processing and software services.

We are proud to introduce the newest player in the geophysical game; Shearwater GeoServices.
Built by a joint investment from GC Rieber Shipping ASA and RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS, Shearwater will receive technical and crewing support from GC Rieber Shipping for marine operations, with the organization being established in part on former Dolphin Geophysical staff and in part on new hires. We will be capable of offering customers fully integrated geophysical services and operations from the start, taking a lead in surviving the downturn.


The 2016 SEG Exhibition in Dallas saw the first public launch where we communicated the Shearwater message direct to global Exploration and Production companies in America. As the focus turns to Europe, We are pleased to confirm attendance at this year’s PETEX Exhibition, bringing the positive message to London.


For more information on the possibilities we have to offer visit us at PETEX, Booth D18 and speak to a member of our team. Alternatively you can contact us direct by emailing, or visit our website



About Shearwater:

Shearwater provides new generation, high-capacity seismic vessels ideal for today’s exploration, development and production needs. Our ultra-wide tow, deep tow and long offset configurations are highly flexible and serve any 3D or 4D requirement. Each vessel operates at the highest level of performance and production using high quality equipment. Paired with our commitment to QHSE, we deliver industry-leading quality and an efficient service. Shearwater is fully ISO 9001:2008 certified and pre-qualified with a significant client base. Our experienced crews and vessels have worked successfully in most of the major exploration provinces around the globe, including those with the most challenging environmental conditions.


We process your marine and land seismic data by combining the latest processing software with experienced geophysicists and efficient hardware. Our 21st century, OpenCPS software together with our expert offshore and onshore processing teams provide you with the highest quality 2D and 3D imaging of seismic data from  all geological environments. Our R&D team continuously develop new, industry-leading algorithms to provide innovative ways to improve the image quality we deliver.


The same processing software is used both on our vessels and in our offices. This allows our teams the flexibility to process your data using the same interface for fully interactive testing and batch processing from real time QC through to model building and depth imaging.


Our OpenCPS software couples a modern graphical user interface with advanced processing and imaging algorithms all the way from real-time QC on the vessels through to model building and depth imaging.  OpenCPS’s inherent interactivity leads to faster and better decision making but it combines this with advanced batch job management, parallel processing, and cluster scalability for efficient turnaround.