International Pavilion

We are delighted to announce that we will again be providing a special area for International Representatives, including:
• National Oil Companies
• Ministries
• Governments
• Other promotional agencies
This designated space provides representatives with a forum to increase their exposure and promote licensing rounds and/or available acreage to over 3,000 G&G professionals who attend the Conference and Exhibition.

All levels of technical and management staff, oil companies and service companies, as well as individual consultants and academics are regular attendees, and PETEX also features an Exploration Managers’ Lunch during the course of the show, which attracts Exploration Managers from throughout Europe to the Exhibition.

What better way to reach out to the European market than exhibit at PETEX?

This year, we are also making a few changes to make the International Pavilion even better than in 2016:
• New Venue: Olympia London, a bright, centrally-located venue, with great character, better transport links and more reasonably priced hotels and refreshments.

• Free access to meeting rooms built onto the show floor for international pavilion exhibitors (though in order to ensure fairness, booking all rooms for all the day will incur a cost). We can also supply data rooms if required.

• You will be offered special rates to bring clients onto the show floor, enabling you to have London-based “presentations” at PETEX

• The seating area around which the International Pavilion is located will be offering coffee to the delegates, to draw attendees to the area and the surrounding booths.


Within the International Pavilion, companies can choose from a fully inclusive booth and a space only charge, should you wish to build your own stand from scratch.

Should you wish to select a space only booth, we would be delighted to either provide you with a contractor or work with your contractor to make your booth happen.

Should you select a fully inclusive booth, the following items will be provided: Shell scheme booth, carpet, ceiling grid, stand cleaning, fascia company name board, electrical socket, lighting and furniture. You need only turn up with your marketing materials.

For more information, or to book a booth please contact