First EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Machine Learning

Workshop Overview

Machine learning has been around for quite some time and the E&P industry has used various algorithms and methods for a diverse set of problems. What has changed in recent years where machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital transformations, data analytics, big data and cloud computing have become daily topics and what is the value of these?

In this workshop we want to share real-world examples from service companies, operators, software & hardware providers and academia as well as the lessons learned in delivering machine learning in the oil and gas sector and how it can make a difference in daily operations and in delivering project efficiencies and increased insights. Specialists from leading companies will come together to exchange insights on the latest developments and new technologies in machine learning.

Case studies and interactive panel discussions will enable delegates to also benchmark against industry best practices. This workshop focuses on topics and problem solutions that have a direct impact on the cost-effective application of different types of machine learning. We invite speakers that deal with all aspects of the machine learning across all fields of the oil and gas industry.

Why you should attend: 

• Strong focus on practical solutions
• Direct access to world-class experts from academia, service providers and operators
• Online pre- and post-workshop follow-up discussions

Please follow the links below to explore the programme for the First EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Machine Learning:

Thursday 29 November – Keynote Speaker Programme 

Friday 30 November – Online Technical Programme

PDF version of the Technical Programme [353kb]

This event is associated with PETEX.

Attendees of PETEX will be able to attend Day One of the workshop – in the Main Auditorium.
To register for Day 2 of the Conference, you can register online here: