PETEX 2016 Archived Presentations


Tuesday 15th November 2016

Hall One

Session: Enabling Technology

Enabling Technology in Seismic Exploration – D Monk

Hall Two

A Reassessment of the Brittle Deformation History – R E Holdsworth

Exhibition Floor

Session: Poster Session One

Seismic Geomachanics of Mud Volcanoes – R. Gulmammadov

Exploration Theatre

Towed Streamer EM – J May

Future Working Zone

Session: The Future – Digital Transformation

Petro-Technical Application – T Dombrovsky

Session: Cloud-based Technologies & Services

Using cloud-based services to bring prices down – A Smith

Information Supply Chain – Increase your E&P IQ – A Zolnai

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Main Auditorium

Session: Global

Mongolia – Emerging & Frontier Exploration Potential – J Tully

Exploration of the Onshore Dahomey Embayment of Benin – E Rossiter

Froya High – An integrated reservoir study of the Late Jurassic sands – John Ford

Hall Two

Session: North West Europe

Overpressure detection using shear-wave velocity data – A Edwards

New Gasfields in the Cleveland Basin, Northern England – M Cooper

Exploration Theatre

Atlantic Ireland – poised for the breakthrough – N Parkinson

Prospectivity of the north-east Celtic Sea, new data, new perspectives – M Attree

Determining Depositional History through use of Cognitive Interpretation Workflows – R Williams

GeoStreamer Tour of the UKCS – C Reiser

Exploration revival around the globe through seismic and well integration – A Intawong

Thursday 17th November 2016

Hall Two

Session: OGA Workshop

New Appraisal of the Western Approaches Basin – J Imber

Crustal Structure and heat flow in the Rockell Trough – A Roberts

An Exploration-focussed Assessment of Interpretations and Data (ExAID) Rockall Through – Dr Rippington

An Integration of Sea Surface Slick and Geophysical Data – P Browning-Stamp

Integrating Rock Physics into the Seismic Image – K Wroblewska

Future Working Zone

Session: The Future – ┬áDigital transformation

The Agile Oil Company – E Evans

iQC Unlocking data value through automatized meta data extraction – H Blondelle

Analogue Hunter, CDA Explorer – D Camden

Exploration Theatre

The Etches Collection – A New Centre for Research. S Etches